About us

The aim of the society is to support and develop psychological research and publishing in Finland, to develop the psychological praxis in Finland, and work as a link between representatives of basic psychological research and applied psychology in Finland.

The society also supports its members in research and publishing and organizes a biannual national congress of psychology together with the Union of Psychologist in Finland and the Finnish Association of Psychology Students. Moreover, the society maintains relations to corresponding activities in other countries and is an active member in International Union of Psychological Science.

The society has full members, student members and honorary members (about 1600 all together), and the membership is not restricted to Finnish citizens only. The society has an executive committee consisting of president and 12 members, who are to be elected annually.

At present the society has specific sections for health psychology, history of psychology, behavioral neuroscience, social psychology, psychology of emotions and young researchers and commissions for special purposes (Dictionary commission for developing a Finnish psychological dictionary and Test Commission for evaluating and developing psychological tests in Finland).

The society publishes the journal Psykologia (6 issues per year), and Acta Psychologica Fennica A and B monograph series. The society has representatives in the editorial boards of Scandinavian Journal of Psychology and International Journal of Psychology.

The society awards annually young researchers in the field of psychology.

Contact Us
Finnish Psychological Society
Sofia Helsinki, Sofiankatu 4 C, 00170 HELSINKI FINLAND
Telephone: +358 50 313 7030
Email: psykologinenseura(at)psykologia.fi

President: Prof. Jarkko Hautamäki

Vice-president: Minna-Liisa Luoma

Secretary: Taina Schakir, e-mail: psykologinenseura(at)psykologia.fi