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Krista Lampi, Kaisa Kirves & Ulla Kinnunen

Job demands and symptoms of insomnia: Job-related rumination as a mediator

The aim of this study was to investigate whether job demands are related to symptoms of insomnia and whether this relationship is mediated by job-related rumination. Time pressures, cognitive demands and emotional demands were examined as job demands. Rumination referred to affective rumination, which has been found to be the most detrimental form of rumination in relation to health. The data are based on a survey which was carried out in spring 2013 (= 1 176). The average age of the respondents was 46.9 years and 60 percent of them were female. The associations between job demands, affective rumination and symptoms of insomnia were examined with hierarchical regression analysis. The results revealed that time pressures, cognitive demands and emotional demands had positive associations with symptoms of insomnia and rumination.

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