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Salla Kaikkonen, Viola Saukkoriipi & Juha Holma

Gender talk in the interviews of men who have stalked their ex-partners

Stalking is not a new phenomenon despite its fairly recent criminalization in Finland. Our study is part of VIOLA – Väkivallasta vapaaksi ry and Oulun ensi- ja turvakoti ry’s Varjo Project, which took place in the years 2012–2017. The project aimed to develop preventive and rehabilitation services for those whose lives are touched by this crime. We studied gender talk in five interviews of men who had stalked their ex-partners. Data was collected from recordings of interviews that employees of VIOLA ry had conducted in prisons. Our research method is data-driven discourse analysis. Thus we were open to all gender-related talk which emerged in the interviews, and we transcribed gender talk in their respective contexts. The construction of gender in the speech was analyzed through positionings, categories and power positions. 

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