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Maaria Nikunen, Martti T. Tuomisto, Ulla Siljamäki-Ojansuu & Satu-Sisko Koivula

The “Decimal System” – A new algorithm for identifying psychological problems of eating and obesity and setting treatment goals

According to Finland’s Current Care Guidelines on Obesity, healthcare professionals’ guidance skills should be developed to provide the most comprehensive and individualized lifestyle guidance. The “Decimal System” is a new system for classifying psychological problems or strengths. The aim of the system is to understand clients’ problems in daily living, and thus set treatment goals and choose optimal intervention methods. In addition, the objective is to identify primary behavioural problems, so that these can be analyzed and altered from a valid perspective. The decimal system has so far been used in behaviour therapy but is well suited for all applied behavioural sciences. In this review article, we take a closer look at the psychological problems of eating and obesity.

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