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Tuuli Turja

Connection between trauma symptoms and emotions during an accident

This study contributes to research in Finland on psychological impact after accidents, which has been lacking up to now. The psychological side is often neglected in research and in health care. This is especially the case with small and everyday accidents, although they too can cause pain and suffering to the victim, as well as a sense of fear, helplessness or shame. Research questions were: 1) How prevalent are psychological trauma symptoms after an everyday accident that does not include any violence or massive catastrophe? 2) Is there a connection between emotions during an accident and the prevalence of trauma symptoms? The online questionnaire was answered by 149 participants (aged 16–64), of whom 79 percent were male. The context of the accident was either leisure time activity (56 %), work (24 %) or traffic (19 %). Trauma symptoms were measured by IES-R. 

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