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Anniina Virtanen, Jessica de Bloom & Ulla Kinnunen

The relationship between recovery experiences and cognitive failures among Finnish teachers

The aim of this study was to investigate how recovery experiences during off-job time (i.e., detachment from work, relaxation, control, mastery, meaning, and affiliation) are related to self-reported cognitive failures among Finnish teachers. Cognitive failures in memory, perception and action reflect lapses in cognitive control. In addition, we examined how age, gender, workload and sleep problems are related to cognitive failures. Data were based on a large questionnaire study conducted in May 2017 (= 909) among Finnish teachers and school principals. The majority of participants (93%) worked in comprehensive schools. Their mean age was 51 years and 78 percent were women. The main statistical analysis strategy was hierarchical regression analysis. The results showed that relaxation and control during off-job time, being younger, being female, as well as having a high workload and sleeping problems were related to reporting more frequent cognitive failures.

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